"Facade: Thing's Aren't Always as They Appear..."

Stewart, raising his glass and toasting his friend, loudly proclaims, “Happy birthday, Bro. I’ll call Ladies-Ladies-Ladies tomorrow and see if we can get her back again for an encore.”

Patrick, blushing, excuses himself to get away and to be by himself for a few moments, so he retreats to the men’s lobby restroom. No one has aroused him like that in years he’d almost forgotten how it feels.

In disguise, Candy emerges from the ladies’ room, catching sight of him as the door closes. Still caught up in the passion and the fire ignited in her, she follows him in.

Hearing the door open and assuming it was Stewart, “Man, I can’t believe you guys did that to me. What kind of a birthday gift was that? You send me the most beautiful, sexy, incredible woman in the world to tease me for ten minutes, and then she leaves.”

“Maybe I haven’t left yet,” Candy responds.

Patrick spins around in disbelief to find her leaning against the wall just inside the door.

“Thank you for the compliment. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you,” stumbles Patrick as his cheeks flush a bright red.

Flattered by his reaction, “You know, I had a hard time remembering there were other people in the room. If the music hadn’t stopped when it did, we might have ended up with more than we both bargained for.”

“I’m sorry the circumstances weren’t different. I would’ve liked to continue. You are one expert seductress,” Patrick replies as he steps closer to her drinking her in from head to toe.
“Maybe one day, when you least expect it, we’ll pick up right where we left off,” she replies, then turns to exit just before he reaches her.

“Maybe?” blurts Patrick going after her. “I want to see you again. Let’s have dinner. Can I call you?”

Turning around facing him in the elevator, “Let’s leave the ending as a fantasy for now.” She reaches outside and kisses him on the cheek. “We’ll see each other again, I promise.” Her words as the elevator doors close.

Her kiss leaves a burning imprint on his cheek. By the time he comes back to reality, she’s gone but not before he locks eyes one last time with the most beautiful woman he has ever met. He can’t shake it—he knows her from somewhere.

Patrick rushes back into the conference room. “Stewart, you have to tell me who she is. I have to see her again,” he begs as he paces back and forth.

“I’ll call tomorrow and see what I can find out. Calm down man. She’s just a stripper. You really do need to get out more.”

The next morning a stunned Stewart visits Patrick at his office, “Patrick, you’re not going to believe this, I called about your stripper, Candy. It appears they don’t have anyone by that name there. In fact, they didn’t send anyone over yesterday. The order got canceled. I don’t have the slightest clue who your mystery woman is, but whoever she is, she must have a thing for you to go to all that trouble.”

Book II - DejaVu released June 23, 2020

Book III - Cést la Vie release date December 2020